HPP Simulation is a company based on the fundamental principles of quality and value. We strive to deliver what the customer expects and to exceed their expectations. Delivering high quality results and value is what we do.  Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we are doing, and what we can do even better. If there are any products you would like to see us develop please let us know.  We are striving to expand our product offerings so be sure to check out the Products section.

HPP has been the leader in precision hydraulic pedals for sim-racing since 2012.  Over the years we have developed our purpose designed and engineered hydraulic system specifically for sim racing.  Simple off-the-shelf hydraulic components do not provide the best feel for sim racing.  Our system provides the ultimate in feel for sim racing because it has been specifically designed and engineered for it.


The HPP pedals are hands down the best purchase I have made for sim racing. I set better times in every car I drive without changing any other piece of hardware. That's saying a lot I think considering I had the ECCI setup before these HPPs. The HPP hydraulics are the best pedals I have personally used, and the closest feel to my actual real race car.  The best 2 and 3 pedal sim brakes in the world under a grand!  HPP.


These are the last pedals you will need to buy.  I have the trackstar pedals, with PMB II mod on the brake, but honestly, these pedals by HPP are much more compact, and very well designed, giving a totally new feeling to sim racing.   The HPP pedals are one step above the rest, they are in a league of their own.


I've been pleasantly surprised that these HPP pedals feel the best yet. Having already used hydraulic brakes it did not take me long to get used to them. There is something in the engineering of these pedals that gives me the best brake modulation and car control yet. I've set pbs at the 3 tracks I have tested at, maybe only by a little bit, but faster is faster.


HPP's designs are fresh, clean, and a step forward from everything else we've ever seen. I suspect these will eventually be the design against which all others are measured. Think about it...Unique throttle control, Unique Brake design, Unique Clutch mechanism. There's nothing out there to really compare them to. While you can but you'd be measuring apples and oranges because they're just so different.  


These pedals have really sorted the men out from the boys.. Its great to see such a Quality product out there @ bargain prices.. I really cant see this combo being knocked off by anyone in regards to bang for your $$$$..  HPP you have just changed the game,Top job mate.  


Very interesting - hydraulic pedal, simple but elegant design, manufactured in the USA by HPP, and a very competitive price. This design/price point must raise some eyebrows from the competition.